Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Thoughts on Modern Child Care

Twitter, Playstation 3, Facebook, Myspace, PSP, IPHONES...  The list is endless...

Don't get me wrong, I am a technology geek 100%  I can't get enough of it and as soon as I step foot into any best buy or electronics section of target / walmart, I am in the zone...  But when is it too much?  And when is it appropriate?  And what about our kids?  What happened to the good old days of children playing baseball outside, riding their bikes, going on nature hikes, etc...  Are these activities extinct?

Social websites have taken over social interaction.   And it's starting to scare me.  Even in school, where you stick 30 kids in one room, they have their text messages, smart phone applications, instant messaging...  They can avoid all forms of social interaction and It's gotten to the point where a fist fight is more reminiscent of social normalcy than a poke (on facebook).

Maybe it's our fault?  Maybe we've let these technological devices take over not only our childrens lives, but our roles in their lives as well.  Maybe we've let Mr. Playstation 3 & Mrs. Twitter become the parents, the babysitters, the nannies, the housekeepers...  You know what... I think that's exactly the case...  But there's no way any kid would let me take away their android device...  So now what?  How do I get kids to start talking? interacting? discussing? learning? (and don't say the internet).  

Okay I'VE GOT IT! - I need a nanny!  Not just any nanny though.  A nanny who understands that CHANGING times require OLD strategies!  I'm a genius!  Now the search begins... (and yes, i'm using the internet)

I've checked out a bunch of nanny sites and they are all pretty much offering the same service, give or take a few minor details.  The most affordable by far was Elitesitter.com and so that's what I went with.  I filtered results to what I needed and was willing to pay and then browsed through profiles.  I was basically looking for someone who agreed with my newly discovered philosophy on child care and after several messages were exchanged, I'm interviewing some seemingly great women...

Now wait for the update.... :)

-HappyFloater (because i like to float around at work...)


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